Founded in 2014, Gazin is a Web and Mobile apps Agency/Hosting and data center company based in Frankfurt, Germany. Over the last few years we've made +3,200 client Happy for several purposes.
If you're interrested to be happy just like them, You can get to the project planner to get you're project started with us, Or buy some hosting plan.

2012, March

Was the year we started to get bored from life and start thinking about group self-murder.

2012, June

Self-murder is not a pretty cool idea of being bored, So let’s get some more hard work to do.

2012, Dec

Started to make a weekly group meeting about making a new product we upload on the internet for free.

2013, Feb

A wise businessman contacted us to give him that production for some pretty  cool number of cash.

2013, Dec

We gave the wise businessman his project, and decided to create our company.

2014, Feb

We founded “Gazin Hosts” in Frankfurt, Germany.

You may ask those questions.

Why Gazin? And what does it mean?

it’s just the family name of the CEO ” Albert Gazin ” that’s why, but we loved the name and we’re the cloud Gazin Hosts for ever and ever now.

You’ve got any other branch?

No, We don’t have any other office. Just the one we’re wasting coffe.

Why Frankfurt?

We simply living there, That’s why.

What do you do beside web/mobile apps and cloud servers?

Drinks coffee and watching tom & Jerry.